The use of lasers in dentistry and in oral surgery, specifically, is becoming more and more common. In general dentistry, these devices may be used in preparing teeth for fillings and in certain soft tissue procedures. There are multiple types and sizes of medical lasers depending on the area of the body being treated and the tissue type (bone, soft tissue, eyes, etc.) Research is ongoing to develop lasers that can be routinely used in procedures on the jaws themselves, such as removal of impacted wisdom teeth, but these devices are not yet available for general use.

Our office utilizes the diode laser for certain soft tissue procedures. It is particularly helpful in biopsies, the removal of lesions (growths) of the tongue, the roof of the mouth and the inside of the cheeks and lips. It is also helpful in performing frenectomies for the treatment of tongue-tie or persistent or recurrent spacing between upper front teeth, as well as soft-tissue procedures around implants.

Use of the laser for these procedures can reduce post-operative pain, speed healing, and reduce the need for sutures. Ask our staff about how Laser Dentistry could be helpful for you.